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Come have fun and get MESSY!!!

Crafts stories & Tea. Messy Church

runs once a month from 4 – 5.30pm at Christ Church.


Our next session TBA.


What is Messy Church?

Messy Church is a group where we come together to do crafts on a bible theme, hear stories and have a tea together


What age do you have to be?
Any age can come as adults and children do the activities together. Anything from babies to the top of Junior School


How much is it?
It is Free


What sort of food is for tea?
Each session has a different menu. We have had pizza, hot dogs, pasta and baked potatoes.


What sort of activities do you do?
It depends on the theme. So far we have done Jesus the light of the world, Christmas, Creation and Noah’s Ark. We have made stain glass windows, Lantern Jars and primordial goo.

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