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 Christchurch Little Drayton  


Since 1847 there has been a Church at Little Drayton and since then Christians here have sought to serve this community and worship Christ. Over recent years the church has been renovated and renewed inside and out.

We have redeveloped the rear of our church into a community area, which can be used by all. Also we have several children’s activities active in this new space.


Except for services the church is closed at the minute, but please feel free to come and look round our churchyard.

Our churchyard has been transformed to create a peaceful space and one that wildlife thrive in. We have won several awards for its appearance and for its nature friendliness.

We strive to be a spiritual place of Prayer and also a place which serves our town. We are a traditional church with a modern edge. We have a Facebook page for the latest events and info. So please explore our site and find out more about Christ and Christ Church here in Drayton.


Church Office opening hours:

Monday – Thursday

10:30am – 1:30pm

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